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Curriculum Intent

In history, we begin in the Early Years by looking at change during the lifetime of the child, e.g. what was I like as a baby.  In Key Stage 1, we consider changes within living memory and in Key Stage 2 we look at chronological events and compare and contrast different periods in history and changes over time.  We intend for our children to leave with a secure subject knowledge of major events, changes in history and the enquiry skills needed to interrogate historical sources.

In geography, we begin with considering the child’s environment including simple map skills.  In Key Stage 1, we learn to name, locate and identify the characteristics of the seven continents and five oceans, and learn about their human and physical characteristics.  In Key Stage 2, we build on this prior knowledge and consider the environmental impact of humans and how our behaviour can change the environment.  We intend for our children to leave with a secure knowledge of map skills, subject knowledge about location, and the enquiry skills to make good decisions about their own personal behaviour and the knowledge to positively influence society.




Curriculum Implementation

We base our learning around the Rising Stars Scheme of Work for geography and history. We have a rolling programme based over two years with a geography and history topic each term.  As a school, we follow an enquiry approach, which is a form of active learning where we focus our work around questions. This helps the children engage with their learning and results in a deeper understanding. To learn about a topic, students explore resources, ask questions and share ideas. The teacher helps students to discover knowledge for themselves by exploring, experiencing and discussing as they go.

As part of our rolling plan, visits and visitors are planned to enhance children’s understanding and knowledge of a topic. For example, in KS1, local walks are planned to complete geography fieldwork. In KS2, our year 3 and 4 class visit Hudnall Park for geography field work, including river studies. Our Year 5 and 6 class visit York to deepen their understanding of their Vikings topic through activities, such as visiting the Yorvik Centre. KS2 have the opportunity to visit the British Museum and then create their own museum in school. We have an annual Living History Day where everyone in the school takes part in bringing history alive. Each class creates their own ‘museum’ based on the topic they are studying. They research and create their own ‘exhibits’ and dress up to present their findings to others in role.

Explorers (Y1/2) Humanities Year A

Explorers (Y1/2) Humanities Year B

Pioneers (Y3/4) Humanities Year A

Pioneers (Y3/4) Humanities Year B

Discoverers (5/6) Humanities Year A

Discoverers (5/6) Humanities Year B

Geography Progression of Skills