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Adventurers (Nursery and Reception)

Spring Term 1

This half term, our topic is Traditional Tales. We are focusing on a different story each week and this week, we are looking at Jack and the Beanstalk. The children are growing their own beanstalks so keep returning to our page to see their progress.


This morning, the children all enjoyed their Balanceability session, learning to ride balance bikes. We didn't let the rain stop us and by the end of the session, the children were whizzing along the playground!

On Thursday, we joined the Explorers and Pioneers children to take part in the BBC live music lesson, Bring the Noise. The children had great fun singing along and dancing with the lesson.

Our children have all settled in well in to Adventurers. On Wednesday, we all put our wellies on and went on an adventure to the forest (the trees down the hill this week), to see what we could find. The children all enjoyed searching for the different things and were really excited when we added some competition to our adventure. I asked the children who could find the biggest leaf, so they all went searching and even got Mrs Wenman involved! We are all excited to go to the real forest next week!

Autumn Term 2019

Welcome to the Adventurers Class Page!

Myself, Mrs Wenman, Mrs Sahbaz and Mrs Johnson hope that you all had a fantastic summer and are ready to come to school!

Forest School will be on a Wednesday morning so children will need their wellies.

There will be weekly updates on our class page so keep returning to see what we have been doing!

Mrs Pellant :) 

Well it has definitely been a busy week in Adventurers this week. The children took part in our Sports Day and all had a great time, showing their grown-ups how well they have been practising their races. They then took part in a cricket workshop with the children in Explorers on Wednesday and then on Thursday the children participated in a circus workshop. They children all had a great time at both of these workshops, take a look at the photos!

Summer 1: To celebrate the end of this half term and to round off our topic of Superheroes, the children had a Superhero party. There were some great outfits and even better dancing! The children had a great time and really enjoyed all of the party food. Have a lovely half term everyone!

Summer 1:  The children were lucky enough to have another Community Superhero visit us this term. Lianne, a nursery child's mum came to visit us and tell us all about her work as a Veterinary Nurse. Lianne spoke to the children about her job and how she cares for poorly animals. The children were very excited to see videos of animals in the swimming pool, some were even on underwater treadmills! The children had some great questions and stories for Lianne which she answered and even left us with a stethoscope and bandages to explore. Thank you for coming in Lianne!

Summer 1: This term, we have been very lucky as we have been visited by not only the Police, but also, by a firefighter! Two of our children's daddy is a firefighter and he very kindly came in and spoke the children about being a Community Superhero. We counted how long it took Neil to get changed into his protective clothing and the children were surprised to see that it only took 23 seconds! Neil let the children try on his jacket and his hat and even spoke about what to do if there is a fire and you need to get out. The children knew that they would need to get out of the burning building quickly, so we practised crawling along the floor to keep out of any smoke and lined up in a safe place on the playground. Thank you firefighter Neil for coming to speak to our class.

Summer 1: On Thursday this week, we were very lucky to have some surprise visitors come into our class, Police Community Support Officers. PCSOs Sam and Debbie came into our class to talk to us about the Police and what they do. The Year 1 children came to join us too and the Adventurers children were very well behaved and had some brilliant questions and ideas to share with the class. The children were also given the chance to go in the Police car and hear the sirens. 

Summer 1: This week, the children were sent on a mission by Supertato. Evil Pea was on the loose and Supertato needed the children's help to make traps to capture him. The children all wore a superhero mask and went down to the forest to set up traps to hopefully capture Evil Pea and stop him from taking our Super Veggies! When the children were making their traps, they even found a toad! Mrs Wenman helped the children to hold it and then we set it free, back to where we found it.

Summer 1: The children have all come back into school and settled in well after the Easter Holidays. This term our topic is Superheroes and we are starting with a 2-week focus on Supertato. Evil Pea had taken over the tuff spot, trapping vegetables under a basket and wrapping others in toilet roll! The children have been writing lots of stories about Supertato and the Super Veggies!

Summer Term 2019

Welcome back Adventurers!

We hope that you all had a great Easter and have come back to school, ready to learn and show off your knowledge!

Forest School will be on a Wednesday morning so children will need their wellies.

Library books will be changed every Friday for all children. Reception children will be heard read at least twice a week and their books changed when necessary so please ensure that they are in book bags every day.

Ducklings Day 8: Today, Discoverers and Pioneers came to visit the ducklings in our classroom. Once all of the children had gone back to their own classes, we filled up our water tray and made a swimming pool for the ducklings. I don't know who was more excited, the children or the ducklings. They definitely made a splash!

Ducklings Day 3:

What an exciting morning we had today! All of the eggs had finally hatched so we could move the ducklings into the brooder cage! Sonny the first duckling moved last night and three of the other ducklings joined him this morning. The final duckling was born not long before school started so had to stay in the incubator until lunchtime before he was moved to the cage with the others.

The children were all very excited to see the ducklings so before lunch we put the ducklings into an empty water tray, so that they could get a good look at them. The ducklings are very tired after all of their hard work to hatch their way out of the eggs so are all snuggled under the brooder lamp, where they will probably stay for a couple of days

Parents will  be invited into class to see them next week when they are more sociable and lively. Please check Ponsbourne Post for the days to come in.

The second duckling hatching

Ducklings Day 2;

What an exciting day we have had today! About 2.20 this afternoon, our first duckling hatched! Unfortunately we didn't see him come out of the egg but we saw him just after. We decided to call our first duckling Sonny as he is yellow and the sun was definitely shining today!

The children will be thrilled to see that another duckling egg hatched during after school club. He is drying out in the incubator and will be able to join the other duckling in the cage in the morning.

We don't know if the ducklings are boys or girls, but we have gone with the pronoun 'he/him' for them as they are more likely to be male than female.

Spring 2: We have some very excited children in class this week. We have had a very special delivery...DUCKLING EGGS! We have 5 eggs in our incubator and we are eagerly waiting for them to hatch. We have all made a prediction as to which egg we think will hatch first. Keep an eye out for photo updates on our page.

Spring 1: The children had great fun on Thursday coming to school in yellow, as a farm animal or as a farmer. Mrs Stubbs even wore a duck hat! We raised £57 towards our ducklings that will be arriving after half term.

Spring 1: The Reception children enjoyed our cooking session this week where we made pizzas. The children were shown how to use a knife safely and they then spread their tomato sauce onto their base. They then chose their topping and scattered them on their pizzas.

Spring 1: We were very excited to see the snow this week. The children really enjoyed playing outside and they even built a snowman with the help of Mrs Sahbaz.! Unfortunately he didn't last very long as he was needed for snowballs!

Spring Term 2019

Welcome back Adventurers!

We hope that you all had a great Christmas and have come back to school, ready to learn and show off your knowledge!

Forest School will continue to be on a Wednesday morning so children will need their wellies.

Reception reading books will be changed every Wednesday. Library books will be changed every Friday for all children.

It was great to have all of the children stay at school for their Christmas Lunch. We had Christmas songs playing, Christmas Crackers and lots of dancing afterwards.


Reading books were sent home this week. We will be changing them once a week to start with. Please read with your child every night and record this in their Reading Record. Once we feel that they are reading fluently, we will ask them to choose a new book. We have set aside time to do this each week and we will make sure that their books are changed when necessary. As the children become more confident with their reading, we will change their books on a more regular basis. Please continue to look at the library your child has chosen also.

Autumn 2: The Reception children continued to bring their Christmas spirit into the classroom on Friday afternoon. We spoke about snowmen and what happens if they get too warm and the children could tell me that they would melt. This gave us inspiration to make Melting Snowman biscuits. Have a look at our photos.

Autumn 2: Christmas has officially landed in Adventurers! The children did a fantastic job at decorating our tree for the Christmas Tree Festival, which know takes pride of place in our classroom. Our classroom is now looking very Christmassy after the children helped to cover our classroom in tinsel, baubles and glitter!


Autumn 1: For this year’s Living History Day, the children were learning about toys from when their grandparents were children. They came in dressed as their grandparents would have dressed and brought in toys that their grandparents would have played with. 

Autumn 1: Every afternoon, before we go home, we learn about something new with Auntie Mabel and Pippin (the dog) on Come Outside. The children were curious as to how to spell Pippin so we made some resources for them to use. There were lots of happy faces and fantastic letter formation!

Autumn 1: The children of Adventurers made some lovely cakes for our Bake Off for Macmillan. They were all very tasty and looked amazing! We raised lots of money for the charity so we are very proud of ourselves.

Autumn 1: Forest on the Village Green.

This week, instead of going to the forest in school, we decided to go on an adventure, over the road and onto the Village Green. We went looking for conkers and pine cones to use in school but had a surprise when we also found lots of acorns! 

Autumn Term 1 

The children have had a great time in Adventurers this week. We have all been exploring our new classroom and finding lots of things to do. Some of the children discovered the Water Area outside and spent lots of time racing boats and catching as much water as they could. There were plenty of tea parties in our Mud Kitchen, as well as our outdoor role play area. Some of the children had lots of discussion about their diggers and what they were digging and going to use the sand for.


Autumn Term 2018

Welcome to the Adventurers Class Page!

Myself, Mrs Stubbs, Miss Ellis, Miss Kearns and Mrs Sahbaz hope that you all had a fantastic summer and are ready to come to school!

Forest School will be on a Wednesday morning so children will need their wellies.

There will be weekly updates on our class page so keep returning to see what we have been doing!