Ponsbourne St Mary's Church Of England Primary School

Let Your Light Shine


Curriculum Intent

At Ponsbourne, we would like all our children to have fun appreciating and performing music.  This includes singing and having the opportunity to learn an instrument through whole-class ensemble and small group teaching.  We teach children to listen to music critically, in order to expand their musical horizons and to gain a deeper understanding of how music is constructed and the impact it has on the listener.

We use music across a wide range of cultures and transitions to ensure that children gain a broad aural knowledge of Western Classical Music, Popular Music and Traditional Music from around the world.

Curriculum Implementation

At Ponsbourne, our music teaching is based on the expectations of the National Curriculum and the Model Music Curriculum. Teachers use the Charanga scheme to support their teaching.  Music is taught in units, with each unit comprising of listening, singing, playing instruments, improvising and composing. 

Each year there is a progression in children’s knowledge and skills and the table below summarises this.

In addition to the whole-class teaching using tuned percussion instruments, children will be taught the guitar and recorder during their time at Ponsbourne.  We will also take advantage of the possibility of learning an instrument through the First Access programme from Herts Music Service.

Children are given many opportunities to perform, including Christmas and  Easter performances, a Summer Concert, playing and singing in  collective worship and performing in weekly church services.  We also take our older children to perform in national events, such as Young Voices at the O2.

We give our children opportunities to experience live music.  This includes watching local pantomimes, West End musicals, national ballet and opera.

Curriculum Impact

In music we have identified key assessment milestones for the pupils and assess them against these regularly. We consult the children and use their feedback to refine teaching and learning. Senior leaders and Governors monitor learning, progress and impact in the subject.  Our children sing and perform to a high standard.

Our children enjoy music. They enjoy being creative and skills are developed and improved throughout their time with us.